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Living in Far North Queensland, there are so many amazing places to explore – especially on the water. If you’re lucky enough to own a boat in this region, you can travel to places whenever you want and for however long you want (weather permitting, of course).

Here are 5 must-visit places in Far North Queensland if you have a boat.

1. Green Island

Green Island is one of FNQ’s most popular reef destinations and for good reason! Just a 45 minute boat road away from Cairns there is plenty to do. You can snorkel, grab a bite to eat on the island, hop on the glass-bottomed boat or semi-sub. Plus, you could also park up the boat overnight and have a staycation in their luxury accommodation!

2. Fitzroy Island

Known for its crystal clear waters and coral beach, Fitzroy Island is mini paradise. Again, just a short trip away from Cairns, you can park up the boat and walk just a few steps to the bar and grill for a cocktail and bite to eat whilst overlooking the ocean. If that’s not your scene, there is plenty more to do such as the famous lighthouse hike, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding, diving and fishing. Kids can also swim out to the pontoon for a fun water-trampoline activity.

3. Tinaroo

Tinaroo has something for everyone – swimming, watersports, fishing, or just relaxing on the bank watching the busy lake activity. Being a freshwater lake, you can bring the boat up here for a day trip and ski or tube without a worry. It is also famous for red claw and barra fishing – offering something a bit different than when fishing out on the reef.
With plenty of camping and accommodation options, you can spend plenty of time at Tinaroo with plenty to do!

4. Low Isles

Right off Port Douglas, Low Isles is a small, scenic island. Being so close to the reef, snorkelling here is an absolute dream! Common sightings here are angelfish damselfish, clownfish, trevally, sweetlip, moon wrasse and lots of turtles! It doesn’t have the facilities that Fitzroy or Green Island does, but colourful coral gardens are right on your doorstep.

5. Dunk Island

Just off Mission Beach, Dunk Island is one of Queensland’s best kept secrets. This rainforest island is disconnected from the outside world but offers beautiful walking tracks, amazing views and scenery and of course an unforgettable snorkelling experience. It’s abandoned resort (off limits) makes this island unique, but you can still stay here via camp. Plus, this island is much less inhabited than the other islands making it an untouched beauty!

Having a boat in Far North Queensland is truly a blessing. You can duck out to any of these amazing places which people travel from all over the world to see, at your own convenience. If you haven’t already, tick each one of these off. If you’ve already been, go again! How could you ever tire of these amazing sights? 

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